Privacy Policy

Saturn Equipment has a very simple privacy policy, if you have any further question beyond this document please reach out to customer support.

Information Collection & Use of information

Saturn Equipment is the sole owner of the information that is collected from customers on this site. Saturn Equipment does not share any information about you with third parties. Your customer information may be used for Processing Orders. See the Explanation below for further details.

Process orders

  • We want to make sure we provide the most personalized shopping experience for registered customers.
  • We always want to keep in touch by sending e-mail newsletters full of specials and helpful information. This is an Opt in/out selection.
  • We also monitor traffic patterns to improve our site's functionality.


To identify each customer, Saturn Equipment uses cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are identifiers. It is a file that is stored on your hard drive by your web browser. Cookies are safe they do not contain or give any personal info. This is just a crumb of information to identify your preferences. uses cookies to help us keep your shopping cart up to date while you are logged in. While shopping on our website you do need to have cookies enabled for the best shopping experience.

Registration recommends setting up a customer profile at checkout. You will not be able to complete your order without setting up the profile so we can secure your information. You also get a lot of perks! Once you set up your customer profile you will be able to track your order, review old orders, update your billing and shipping information. The best part is you will also get coupons via email(if you opt in) and also receive newsletters to advise of upcoming sales(if you opt in).

Creating a customer profile is also used when contacting Customer Support. If you have questions regarding your order, we can quickly see all orders through your profile, we can make changes if necessary or just provide the most up to date information. All of your information used to create this profile is saved over a secure server and it is kept in a safe location. You will need to create a unique username and password.


We want to ensure that has the highest security so you feel comfortable shopping our site. SSL safeguards are used to protect your information and privacy. You know when SSL is being used as there will be a lock icon at the bottom of your web browser screen as well as in the search bar.

Third Party

Be advised does use third parties to ship orders as well as to process credit card transactions. We do not release any personal information, only what is necessary to process the order. They do not share or store this information. If you have concerns about your privacy please contact customer support.