Freight & Delivery Policy

Freight & Delivery Policy

Please be sure to review this policy in full. If you have questions after please contact customer support so that we may assist you further. I think you find that we have covered the most common questions here but as always there is room for variance order by order.

Call ahead delivery

You can always request "Delivery Appointment/Call ahead delivery," and the carrier will contact you approximately 24 hours before the estimated arrival of your order, to schedule a delivery appointment. This option is available at checkout. A 4-hour window of time is commonpractice, however this may changedepending on the carrier and shipping destination, so please be sure to ask. When you select this option keep in mind this may add additional delivery time to your order. Selecting this option may add an additional day to your order's transit time. Making a “call ahead” appointment is alwaysrequired for residential deliveries. This is only a recommendation for businesses with irregular hours.

In your customer profile make sure your information is current as we will use the phone number associated with your shipping address. If you would like to change that phone number you can do so during checkout, the phone number you list will be used by the carrier to schedule the delivery appointment.

If your delivery appointment is missed by the carrier, they will attempt to reschedule. If you are unavailable to accept your delivery during a scheduled appointment, you will be responsible for any redelivery fees owed to the carrier. It is imperativeyou choose a time that best fits your schedule and business hours.

Canadian Shipments

Shipping outside the USA to Canada may incur additional duties, taxes, and other fees to cross the border. The fees are not calculated at checkout. The additionalfees will be billed to you directly from the carrier.

Damaged or Missing Items when using a Common Carrier

If you receive your shipment with damage, or you have any indication of possible damage please follow the below steps. Please also follow the steps is your shipment is missing all together.

  • Always note any damage clearly on the delivery receipt before signing.
  • Ask for and keep your copy of the delivery receipt.
  • Contact us within one business day.
  • Do not discard any packaging materials including the damaged packing materials. All the packaging will be needed for inspection.
  • Always take pictures of the damaged items as well as the packaging.

Though our distribution warehouses try to exceed expectations while packaging every order for shipment, damage can occur in transit. If damage to the shipment is evident we must file a claim with the carrier company to receive credit for the damages. When you sign the delivery receipt you are also taking responsibility and ownership for the shipment as well as the shipments condition. If part or all of your shipment is damaged and you failed to note the damage on the delivery receipt, we CANNOT guarantee any credit for damages incurred. When you sign the delivery receipt without noting any damage you are taking ownership of the shipment and accepting the shipped condition.

For more information, or if you would like further clarification as this is a very important part of the shipping process, please do not hesitate to call customer support.

Delivery Time

Typically, orders are processed and shipped within 1-2 business days. All products ship from one of our warehouses within the U.S. Common carrier deliveries usually vary from 1 to 10 business days for delivery. Thisdepends on your proximity to the shipping warehouse. You want to keep in mind if your delivery time is over a holiday, please add an additional day for delivery. Our shipping locations view the following holidays: Christmas, New Years, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day and Thanksgiving. We cannot confirm what holidays shipping companies may observe, as they may observe additional holidays. All standard freight delivery times and common carrier shipments are estimates not guarantees.


We ship throughout the U.S. and Canada.

We also provide the option to ship to U.S. based freight forwarders. You however, become responsible for contacting the freight forwarder. We will not do this arrangement for you. You will need to set up an account with such forwarder before placing an order. Be advised freight forwarders will charge additional fees for their services. These are separate from our shipping and handling charges.

Equipment Installation Checklist

We would like to make sure that your equipment is properly installed. To ensure that, we have created a checklist for you to follow. Please refer to that document to ensure you have followed all necessary steps.


Freight Forwarders

Should you need your shipment to be shipped toa U.S. freight forwarder, all policies apply when it is received to their warehouse. Saturn Equipment will not be liable for any damages, as well as any missing pieces of that shipment.

Lost Shipments

Even though we try our best to ensure your shipment arrives timely, there is room for unexpected mishaps. Should your package be lost we make it our top priority to locate your item(s). Please contact Customer Support if you think your order is delayed, or lost. We will work very hard to ensure we find a solution.

Methods & Charges

Saturn Equipment works with UPS to have your shipment delivered safely and timely.

We offer flat rate shipping

Notice to Residential Customers is a commercial food service vendor. We will allow shipment to residences; however please be sure you fully understand your warranty on the equipment will be void as you will not be putting the equipment in the intended location. We have covered some very important differences below. Should you have any further questions please call customer support.

Commercial Refrigeration and Cooking Equipment

We want to be clear that by putting commercial kitchen equipment in a residence you may find a difference in consumer level expectations.

Commercial Cooking Equipment

The heavy-duty use, aesthetics, and over all functionality of commercial cooking equipment was designed to be in a commercial setting. Therefore, the units were designed with the flow of a commercial kitchen in mind.

  • Noise level- louder than a comparable non-commercial piece of equipment.
  • Consumes much more power than non-commercial counterpart.
  • Insulated as thoroughly as consumer-level equipment and generates more heat. Many pieces of commercial equipment also require a ventilation hood system, and a fire-suppression system to adhere to local fire and building codes.
  • Installation in a non-commercial setting may void your homeowner's insurance. You would want to confirm this with your agent.
  • reserve the right to deny sale/shipment to a residence for residential use. The right is reserved to deny shipment for residential usage. You will be notified immediately if your order results in cancellation for this reason.
  • If you are considering the purchase of a commercial unit, I would suggest reaching out to a customer support rep to explore your options and answer any questions.

Packaging & Additional Charges


Packaging being used during the shipment of your equipment is designed to help keep your product free of any damage during transit. We do understand that occasionally a shipment may be received with damage to the original packaging. If you happen to have your unit arrive with visible damage to the packaging please be sure to open the package and inspect the equipment further for any damage to the actual unit. It is imperative that you do this while your freight delivery driver is still at your location. Once you sign the BOL you are relieving the driver of any damage. If you find damage, notate all findings on the BOL and then sign off to receive the freight and call your customer support line immediately.

Lift Gate/ Curbside delivery

Curbside Delivery is standard with our all-inclusive pricing. If, however you do not have a dock at your location and need a liftgate, pricing varies based on the carrier of your shipment. We do our absolute best to negotiate the variances of lift gate service. We will notify you of the fee prior to adjusting your invoice. Please be sure to notate the need for a liftgate in the additional services box at checkout. If your order is received with no additional service boxes checked we assume no additional services are required and you are prepared to receive your shipment curbside.There will be no notice to the carriers of additional services required(ex. Liftgate, back door dock). Failure to prepare for your freight shipment could result in your shipment being rescheduled and/or additional delivery fees. If there is no notice of additional services you assume the responsibility to render payment at the time of delivery. We do not negotiate any additional fees you may incur, nor are we responsible for them. To ensure you pay the best rate be sure to add this additional service at the time of check out.

Note that delivery does not include set up, installation of accessories such as casters or shelves. Delivery does not include dumping of old unit.

What is White Glove Delivery?

For this service and any other services not listed, please call customer support.

Professionals will delivery your product and unload your item from the truck into its designated space. This type of delivery includes unpacking and removal of all packing material. 30 minutes is the on-site time and begins when the agent arrives. If the delivery time exceeds 30 minutes, you will be responsible for the additional fees.

Note that delivery does not include set up, installation of accessories such as casters or shelves. Delivery does not include dumping of old unit.

Pick ups

We do not allow customers to pick up at our warehouses due to safety and insurance.